8 Basic Features Every Good WordPress Host Should Offer

The online media game has changed quite a bit since I started publishing Copyblogger back in the early days of 2006. The mainstreaming of social media has made those coveted big bursts of traffic more likely to happen.

That said, there is one aspect of online publishing that remains absolutely critical to your success: web hosting.

In a time when a single tweet can bring down an entire website, rock solid web hosting is the backbone of every business website. You can’t afford to take chances with questionable hosting providers who may or may not deliver when you need them most.

In this episode of Entreproducer, I invited two WordPress hosting experts to join me and deliver the very best of their wisdom on finding web hosting that works. Yes, they’re from our Synthesis WordPress hosting division, but this is not a pitch — the information in this episode will help you make a smarter choice no matter the vendor.

In this 57-minute discussion, we cover …

  • Why web hosting has always been my biggest frustration
  • The universal importance of site speed
  • Is your site secure? It better be …
  • Why you need world-class hosting support (duh)
  • How site performance directly affects your bottom line
  • And a lot more …

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The Show Notes:

*This week’s show is brought to you by Synthesis Managed Hosting for WordPress, Copyblogger’s superior WordPress hosting that gets it (traffic, that is).

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