A Hyperlocal Revenue Model That’s Perfect for Online Content Marketers

Everyone seems to be struggling making money with hyperlocal websites. Patch is still desperately hoping to hit profitability, and NBC News has shut down it’s hyperlocal site EveryBlock.

We’ve previously explored the real estate brokerage model for hyperlocal websites here at Entreproducer. The ideas in that article evolved into our very first AgentPress live training event, which by all accounts was a smashing success.

We also talked about native advertising as a natural fit for local sites. Are there are models that work where traditional online advertising has failed?

Yes, and Mike Orren has found one. Mike is a hyperlocal veteran who knows first-hand the struggles that come with making local journalism profitable.

Content marketers take note — this local model is right up your alley. And we lay it all out for you.

In this 23-minute talk, Mike Orren and I discuss:

  • How Mike has thrived building alternative hyperlocal revenue streams
  • The coming (unlimited) demand for serious content producers
  • Why we’re waiting for the rise of the next David Ogilvy
  • Why Facebook just might work for local ad targeting
  • How Mike developed a powerful partnership with “old media”
  • What native advertising means for the future of hyperlocal websites

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The Show Notes:

*This week’s show is brought to by Synthesis, managed WordPress hosting for serious online entrepreneurs.

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  1. Love the podcast. I use Facebook to generate “Likes” on my facebook page. It’s awesome because I’m collecting eyeballs of people on my city of people. I love it. Here’s the link: http://www.facebook.com/BurlingtonLifestyle

    I just hired a content creator for my website so I should have articles up by month end. Thanks for the great job and #agentpress 😉

    Sab 🙂

  2. Loved this! I actually jumped on the hyper-local, native advertising train right after you and Robert talked about it. It was like a lightning bolt going off in my head. (so thanks)

    Started a local lifestyle site http://whoonew.com/ three weeks ago today! The response has been very good so far.

    I had the same epiphany about using a site like this as lead generation for online marketing companies/freelancers. And yes Brian, FB advertising is perfect for this model (native advertising for native advertising). We’ve been experimenting with it and are finding it’s a great way to get exposure to a highly targeted audience. I guarantee you’ll get way more page “Likes” from doing sponsored content ads in newsfeeds than from normal FB Like campaigns in the right sidebar.

    I’ve heard some negative things about the rise of native advertising – including from Demian Farnsworth recently on Copyblogger. But the thing we have to remember is that it’s not the channel that can be “evil” it’s what we as marketers put in that channel. Fill your site or FB newsfeeds with garbage – people will complain. Fill them with valuable stuff – everybody wins.

  3. Facebook likes is not the currency of God, that’s Bitcoin

  4. Great show. I think hyperlocal is an under served market. The problem is that the market needs a lot more education. I never use the term hyperlocal unless we are well into a successful campaign. I find most clients just want to know what kind of ROI they can expect.

    I’d like to know everyone’s thoughts on how small is too small for a hyperlocal campaign. Does hyperlocal work outside of large metro areas? What kind of reach is necessary to make a campaign cost effective?

  5. Very interesting take on hyper-local. Thanks for talking about it.

    I’m not a huge facebook fan either, but am very curious how people here have developed hundreds of fans in a matter of weeks? Has it been through paid ads and/or sponsored stories? Or just organic? Or something else? I got the feeling from the podcast that YourBoulder was using some form of paid advertising to gain the Likes??

  6. Interesting take on the hyperlocal approach here, Brian. Thanks for planting the seed on a new way to generate leads for the local digital marketing agency I’m building!

    Any plans to launch the Hyperlocal theme as a standalone one on StudioPress, without the hooks in to AgentPress? I can just imagine the possibilities people would dream up with such a theme.

    Luving the Entreproducer show and everything going on with CBM!

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