How to Market a Book if You Have No Audience (Plus Ten Other Content Marketing Questions Answered)

In this second installment of our short Q&A series (find the first one here), we finish answering the remainder of your questions about content marketing.

This one went a little longer than normal, mainly because we got sidetracked by a mutual rant about the state of traditional advertising and the cost of independent content production.

We also circled back to the big ideas of “starting from nothing” and “building independent media properties,” which I hope will encourage and inform you as you’re out there doing the same.

And thank you again Entreproducers, for all your great questions!

In this 44-minute discussion, Brian Clark and I (attempt to) answer …

  • How Brian would market a book if he had no existing audience or contacts
  • What’s the future of SEO?
  • Is it better to build a “personal” or corporate brand?
  • How do you promote topics that people would rather not talk about?
  • What to do if all your competitors are creating really good content
  • How I would market a supernatural mystery thriller
  • How much does content marketing actually cost?
  • And a lot more …

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The Show Notes:

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  1. Hi Brian and Robert,

    I loved your comment about marketing fiction – I do use video to market mine but currently am doing videos around my themes and locations, as well as interviews with other bestselling thriller authors so my name is linked to theirs. Book trailers don’t work too well in isolation as the channel needs to be more populated (imho)!

    Fiction authors definitely need to focus on growing an email list, even if it is just by adding their signup to the back of their book. Plus understanding how to optimize the Amazon algorithms with categories, keywords, fantastic book cover, reviews etc is critical – especially choosing a target category you can rank in.

    Loving the show – I’m in Authority as well, but I still love the Entreproducer vibe 🙂

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