Brad Feld on the Start Up Life, Blogging, and the Power of Community

Brad Feld is one of the most respected venture capitalists on the planet. He got there by being true to who he is and what he believes.

Like many of us, Brad bootstrapped his first business, Feld Technologies. After selling that business, he didn’t rest on his laurels. He became an angel investor, and ramped up his “sleep at night money” into a whole different realm of wealth.

And yet, he’ll tell you a familiar story. Value, community, generosity.

In this 37-minute conversation, Brad and I discuss:

  • Who should (and shouldn’t) take venture capital
  • Why Brad was forced to moved to Boulder, CO
  • How a startup culture can transform any community
  • The perils and pleasures of the entrepreneurial life
  • Why Brad and the Foundry Group are dedicated bloggers
  • The difference between “Sleep at Night” and “F*ck You” money
  • Why traditional marketing makes Brad sick

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The Show Notes:

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  1. Hey Brian, this audio is only 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

  2. One of my favorite companies he invested in ServiceMagic, been following him a long long time. Can’t wait to listen to the whole interview. Some great wisdom to be found here I”m sure.

  3. I was really enjoying this interview. Unfortunately, it ends abruptly when Brad talks about his feelings on traditional marketing.

  4. Brian Clark says:

    Should be fixed now. So sorry about these audio issues.

  5. Hi,

    I I really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any chance you will be transcribing your pod casts in the future?

  6. I liked this interview . .:)

  7. Great interview and great concept. So basically the premise to hyperlocal sites is to leverage the local exposure in Google to generate leads for real estate agents? Where else would the business model be with this concept – or is it pretty much wrapped up in local real estate?


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