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The Only Three Reasons to Write a Book (And Will Brian Clark Ever Write One?)

I launched Entreproducer almost two years ago by laying out the concept of the author-as-entrepreneur. The response was enthusiastic, to say the least. As Entreproducer evolved, we moved into the related territories of agile content marketing, the minimum viable audience, taking the buyer on a heroic journey, and much more. Well, true to the very nature of those topics, this particular journey will continue to evolve in 2014. Find out why as Robert Bruce and I return to the original topic … [Read more...]

8 Basic Features Every Good WordPress Host Should Offer

The online media game has changed quite a bit since I started publishing Copyblogger back in the early days of 2006. The mainstreaming of social media has made those coveted big bursts of traffic more likely to happen. That said, there is one aspect of online publishing that remains absolutely critical to your success: web hosting. In a time when a single tweet can bring down an entire website, rock solid web hosting is the backbone of every business website. You can't afford to take … [Read more...]

Answered: 13 Top Hyperlocal Website Publishing Questions

In this fourth (and final) edition of our content marketing Q&A series, Robert Bruce and I turn our attention to the business of publishing hyperlocal websites. There's been a lot of talk about hyperlocal publishing in recent years (we even produced a live event and publishing platform for that market), and there's just as many questions floating around about how to do it right. In this 36-minute discussion, we cover ... … [Read more...]

The Most Profitable Revenue Model for Freelance Writers (and 21 Other Content-Centered Business Questions Answered)

In this third edition of our content marketing Q&A series we focus on your questions about business structure and revenue models. Getting your head around the practice of regular and valuable content creation can be tough, but once you do ... you've only just started building your business. What kind of products or services should you offer? How do you hire the right people so you can scale? How do you actually build revenue? In this 58-minute discussion, Robert Bruce and I cover ... … [Read more...]

Entreproducer Q&A No. 1:
Your Content Marketing Questions Answered

You've got questions. In today's episode, we've got answers. We're talking content in this episode, and we only made it though half the submitted questions on this topic alone. Don't worry, we're coming back for more. But hopefully these answers spark some serious thought for your own business. In this 29-minute discussion, Robert Bruce and I answer these questions ... Can you give away too much with content marketing? How Copyblogger utilizes multimedia content, and … [Read more...]

Got a Question for Entreproducer? Ask it Right Here.

UPDATE: Thanks for your great questions everyone! Looks like there are at least a few episode's worth here, so we're organizing them into basic categories right now. We'll publish the first one soon ... If you haven't already heard, we've been working on something big over at Copyblogger for the last few months. We'll get back to our normal schedule over here shortly, but I've been wanting to do a Q&A episode of the Entreproducer podcast for a while. So, let's get to it ... In the … [Read more...]

A Hyperlocal Revenue Model That’s Perfect for Online Content Marketers

Everyone seems to be struggling making money with hyperlocal websites. Patch is still desperately hoping to hit profitability, and NBC News has shut down it's hyperlocal site EveryBlock. We've previously explored the real estate brokerage model for hyperlocal websites here at Entreproducer. The ideas in that article evolved into our very first AgentPress live training event, which by all accounts was a smashing success. We also talked about native advertising as a natural fit for local … [Read more...]

Eric Ries on Lean Startups and Content as a Catalyst for Success

Eric Ries is on top of the startup world. He's the author of the influential book The Lean Startup, and the creator of the Lean Startup methodology. He's an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Harvard Business School, and has parlayed his ideas into a successful conference series. But it wasn't always the case. Would it surprise you to learn that Eric once considered himself a total failure at starting companies? That he discovered lean principles by happy accident? That he started … [Read more...]

The Lean Entrepreneur, the Power of Audience, and the Book as Startup

When we first discussed the concept of the minimum viable audience, I led off with some foundational ideas from retired entrepreneur and author Steve Blank. Mr. Blank was the primary mentor of Eric Ries, the author of The Lean Startup, a blog-turned-book containing a set of ideas and processes that have sparked a global movement among existing and aspiring entrepreneurs. Mr. Ries was not the only one to be heavily influenced by Mr. Blank. So too was a gentleman by the name of Brant … [Read more...]

The Resurgence and Rebranding of Affiliate Marketing

So far this year, we've discussed the irony of the advertorial being rebranded as native advertising. Now it seems that a huge segment of the online industry that had been previously vilified by "respectable" online "journalists" (use of quotation marks intentional and appropriate) is also finally being seen as another savior of online content. Some are even trying to call it "commerce journalism." It's actually called affiliate marketing. And it's been around online at least since … [Read more...]