The Resurgence and Rebranding of Affiliate Marketing

So far this year, we’ve discussed the irony of the advertorial being rebranded as native advertising.

Now it seems that a huge segment of the online industry that had been previously vilified by “respectable” online “journalists” (use of quotation marks intentional and appropriate) is also finally being seen as another savior of online content.

Some are even trying to call it “commerce journalism.”

It’s actually called affiliate marketing. And it’s been around online at least since Amazon launched in the late 1990s, but never given proper credit as a “respectable” monetization avenue.

Until now.

In this 25-minute discussion, Robert Bruce and I discuss:

  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • The ancient origins of affiliate marketing
  • The Great Internet Marketing Conversion of 2013
  • Why affiliate marketing can make a great baseline revenue model
  • The difference between native advertising and affiliate marketing
  • The basics of affiliate disclosure
  • The simple Copyblogger business model

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The Show Notes:

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  1. Thanks for the discussion guys. I wasn’t familiar with Brain Pickings and it’s good to see. I love the affiliate model and had some success with Amazon before the Panda/Penguin episodes. Some of my sites still make sales but I’ve largely abandoned them. The trouble is always traffic, traffic, traffic!

  2. The book episode? Is this where you tell us why or why not you’re actually going to write that book? Please, I want to listen.

    Thanks for the awesome stuff. This is the only podcast I find the time to listen to.

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